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April 20, 2014 You are here : Home

New Classes Added for Ontario - beginning January 2014

New Class in Moncton NB planned for January 2014 Click Here

NEW CLASSES in VANCOUVER Area, BC Winter/Spring 2014 Click HERE

Perspectives in Cantonese will be held in Feb - May 2014 in Vancouver
Click Here for details on the Cantonese Course

展望課程中文版將於20142月份開始 - 在此點擊

展望课程中文版将於20142月份开始 - 在此点

Perspectives ANYWHERE 
No Perspectives class near you? This may be the answer.
Click Here for more information.

Perspectives Canada


“Take Perspectives - it'll ruin you for the ordinary!”

Floyd McClung
International Director of All Nations Training Center


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a dynamic course where you'll discover what God is doing around the world and consider your part in His purposes. Perspectives is offered throughout the year at extension sites across Canada and the US. 


Perspectives Newsletter
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If you would like to receive updates on Class locations, sign up at perspectivescanada@gmail.com
Free Classes
The first two classes of the Perspectives Course is absolutely FREE! Anyone is welcome to experience this impacting course.